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Our treadmills are excellent!  Don't take our word for it.  Read what others have to say...

Veterinary Surgeons
Private Owners

Show Competitors
Boarding Kennels

Also, for further endorsements, scroll through the Friends of Fit Fur Life page.


Veterinary Surgeons achieve better post-operative end results in a shorter time with Fit Fur Life treadmills.  This is good for dogs as well as Veterinary Surgeons!

Veterinary Surgeon: C.C.O. Serjeant, B.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S.
"I have 40 years experience in the post injury care of dogs and cats.  I have evolved many post operative rehabilitation protocols before the emergence of all the modern surgical techniques.  Rehab is very important in post injury recovery to achieve the best results, in fact it is essential.

The appearance of the Fit Fur Life treadmills has enabled me to refine the rehabilitation, under controlled conditions, of both medical and surgical conditions.  This has improved the rate of recovery and the end result.

I have been using the Fit Fur Life treadmill for 4 years with a great deal of success.

MEDICAL USAGE has evolved around OBESITY and CARDIAC FITNESS.  The progressive improvement in obesity is significantly better than dieting on its own.  The owner sees a rapid improvement in the whole well-being of the dog, as well as the loss of weight.  The basic rules for the treadmill are to start at a low speed and short time, and build both up gradually according to individual tolerance.  RESULTS are usually startling providing the owner complies with the whole regime.  Treadmill three times a week is the minimum requirement.

POST-OPERATIVE rehabilitation.  I have used the Fit Fur Life treadmill in muscle, tendon and ligament repair, both surgical and non-surgical with great success.  Every case is individual and the protocol will vary.  The flexibility of this machine, starting at 0.4km/hour and going up to a top speed that we have never used, makes it very easy to individualise protocols.  Veterinary Nurses find helping with the rehab protocol a stimulating and rewarding process.

REHAB after JOINT SURGERY has been particularly successful, and I have used it after (i) shoulder and elbow surgery (developmental disease) and (ii) stifle-anterior cruciate surgery.  The Fit Fur Life treadmill has enhanced recovery.  Rehab after spinal surgery and disc disease is particularly rewarding.  The overriding superiority is the flatbed and the fine control that can only be achieved with this machine."

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Fit Fur Life dog treadmills are not meant to replace the pleasurable activity of taking your dog for a walk.  However, for a wide variety of reasons, regular outside exercise is not always possible or does not fully satisfy a dog's exercise requirement.  As such, private owners appreciate exercising their dogs on a Fit Fur Life treadmill

DOG OWNER: Mrs M Geall
"I decided to buy a Fit Fur Life treadmill when I saw them at Crufts 2007. I am elderly and have a disabled husband and six dogs so I knew the treadmill would keep my dogs in good health together with their daily walk on the beach.

My dogs queue up and can't wait to get on the treadmill - they absolutely love it.  I would certainly recommend a treadmill for fit and not so fit dogs."

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Fit Fur Life dog treadmills have assisted Show Competitors in achieving success in the ring through improving the muscle definition and gait of their show dogs.

Sometimes dogs get slightly nervous or excited before going into the ring.  A brief session on a Fit Fur Life treadmill can have a calming effect and increase a dog's confidence:
SHOW COMPETITOR: Judith Rigby, Broadway, Worcestershire, UK
"Before going into the ring at the 2008 LKA Mable, my Mini Wire Dachshund, had a go on your treadmill and then won Ist in the Post-Grad Class.  Fantastic, thank you!"

Exercise on a Fit Fur Life treadmill certainly benefitted English Setter 'Frankie':
SHOW COMPETITOR/JUDGE: Jane Dennis, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK
"I always try to show my dogs in peak condition in excellent coat and plenty of muscle.  My dogs all have free running daily but, as the roads are becoming more and more unpleasant for walking to bring a dog into peak condition, I had been considering a treadmill for some time.  I bought a Fit Fur Life treadmill at Crufts last year and I have to say it has been money well spent.  It has been unbelievably easy to teach my dogs to use the treadmill and they are happily trotting away after just a few sessions of training.  Last summer my English Setter bitch 'Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston' became the breed's youngest ever recorded title holder at just sixteen months old.  I do not think it is a coincidence that Frankie enjoys being exercised regularly on my Fit Fur Life treadmill.  She is the top winning English Setter for 2008."

And here's another one...
SHOW COMPETITOR: Chris McLean, Glasgow, UK
"It was a pleasure to meet you at Crufts especially to tell you of my Akita bitch 'Melodor Hotter Than Hell' winning the special yearling class. This was due I am sure to her increased fitness that she has gained from her daily training on the treadmill that I purchased from you. Ember already has 2 CC’s and a few reserves but now is looking more toned and muscled. I am delighted with the machine and all my dogs love it and jump on as they pass by hoping for another turn.

I already have some friends who are very impressed by my treadmill and may be interested in having one. I will certainly recommend to anyone."

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We have often said that Fit Fur Life treadmills are a great asset for Boarding Kennels.

However, we have never put it as well as this!
Dorothy Brooks.  Castlerock Boarding Kennels, Macclesfield, UK
" I don't know what I would do without my treadmill, it is the best purchase I have ever made."

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