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Sammy French, Managing Director

Sammy and her beloved friends
The Fit Fur Life brand is brimming with the passion, determination and empowerment of Sammy French, its Founder and Managing Director. Sammy has a way with animals. With Daffy and Beebee following her every move, intent on staying close by her side to protect and comfort, they feel her warmth and undying love resonating just as humans do!

From the day Sammy was born, in Surrey in 1971, animals have surrounded her. Having a father as the local Veterinary Surgeon meant her interest in and love for animals only grew stronger as she grew older.  Exhilarated by their unconditional love, yet heartbroken by the welfare and treatment of animals around the world, Sammy embarked on a journey that took her as far and wide as India, Africa and Australia. She longed to raise awareness of animal welfare issues through the eyes of a lens, using photography to speak a thousand words.

Some time later, around 2000, while recovering from an operation, that took much longer than usual, Sammy needed a way to continue training her dogs for the shooting field. She started using her own treadmill to exercise the dogs and although happy with the results, quickly realised the human treadmill had it’s downsides. So, making use of her recovery time, she began designing a treadmill specifically for dogs.

Armed with a drawing, bucket loads of passion and total belief in her idea, she approached a large retailer in the UK to run the idea past them. They loved it and took Sammy’s designs to Shanghai for manufacturing, however Sammy wasn’t included in perfecting the technical specifications and the first product, brought to market in 2005, did not meet her high standards. Trying to improve the design Sammy battled with the retailer for a year with no success so she flew to Taiwan to personally select a manufacturer.

And so Fit Fur Life was re-born. Sammy worked closely with a Veterinary Surgeon to design four variations of the treadmill to re-launch at Crufts in 2007. She received an overwhelming response from Professional Breeders, Kennel Owners, Vets as well as Domestic Owners who loved the product and could immediatley see the fantastic benefits.

Managing all of this while being a single working mother and dog trainer Sammy needed help. The idea of appearing on Dragons' Den excited yet daunted her but she knew she needed outside investment and business advice to get her product to market. Her total belief in the treadmill, her invitation onto Dragons' Den and the incredible physique of Daffy were all signs that things were about to get really big. Sammy knew it was time to take the business to the next level, but would the Dragons see the Dragon, James Caan, did!

Sammy's journey has been gruelling yet thrilling, challenging yet exciting. Her four brand new, state of the art treadmill designs have been manufactured, tested, displayed, purchased and are benefitting many dogs.  Not only has the business gone through transformation, but Sammy herself has too. She has learnt from those surrounding Dragons' Den, she has thrown herself into ensuring the products are the best in the industry. The Fit Fur Life brand has been refreshed and revived and Sammy is ready to take on the world, with her children Sophia and Leon, and her dogs Daffy and Beebee by her side.

You haven’t seen determination in the face and passion in the soul until you have met Sammy...

As have Friends of Fit Fur Life